Welcome! 欢迎!

Regarding changeSCAPE’s Thursday event; Please do not come to the event unless you have received the confirmation email. We have had to reject many people so please understand its very unfair if we allow you entry on the day and are not on the list. We work on a first come first serve basis and we have doubled the original space and tried to secure more but was unable to do so. Very sorry we cannot fit everyone in and will try to do better for the next event.
Thanks for the understanding.

谢谢你的理解. 与时•聚景 工作团队

Dear Friends, 亲爱的朋友

We are afraid to say that we have been completely oversubscribed with RSVPs for Thursdays changeSCAPE and unfortunately will not be able to accommodate everyone who has signed up. 由于报名的人数太多,非所有报名的人都能够成功预约本周四的活动。

  1. Please, everyone YET to to sign up through RSVP’s we cannot offer you a place. Sorry! Please feel free to sign up for the next event. 如还未通过RSVP报名的,我们无法为您提供座位。对不起!请随时报名参加下一个活动。
  1. Those who signed up early enough will shortly be receiving an email confirmation with details of how to gain entry on the day. Please let us know if you cannot come so we can give others entry. Note, it’s going to be packed and we have had to arrange another floor with live video streaming / translation, and more food / drinks at very short notice. 快速报名的朋友,会在短时间内收到邮件确认回函及入场须知,如您当日无法参加,请尽快通知我们,以便我们可以将座位预留给其他报名的人。请知晓我们将活动分在两个场地进行,由于人数众多,部分人员不得不在另外的楼层通过视频播放/翻译收听演讲,场地内同时提供额外的食物和饮料。
  1. Those who signed up too late, again we are really sorry but we just cannot pack more people in. We will put you at the top of the list for the next event and also send you a link to the video and presentation material so you don’t miss out completely. 报名过晚的朋友,我们很遗憾的通知您,活动场地无法容纳更多的人,我们已经将您列入我们下次活动邀请名单中,并且我们会发送活动视频的链接给您,以便让您可以收到活动演讲的内容。

Many thanks for the understanding. 感谢您的理解

All the best, changeSCAPE Team. 与时•聚景 工作团队


zhu_smallProf. Zhu Yu-Fan 朱育帆 教授

趋同与特质 Convergence and Identity

Thursday 2015 01 22 18.30 @ HKU SSC 2015年01月22日 星期四 18:30 @香港大学上海学习中心

Introduction to event

Email rsvp@changescape.org early for a seat. First come first serve-only 150 seats! Are you a English speaker? Please let us know so we can try and organize a realtime translation headset for you. Late applications and comers will be provided standing space and a video screen to watch the live talk in a adjacent room. We are expecting a full house.

通过发送邮件至rsvp@changescape.org 尽早预约活动座位,现场座位仅150个.如果您需要通过英文交流,请提前告知我们,我们会为您安排同声翻译耳机,如座位预约已满或者迟到的客人,我们会为您提供站立观看现场演讲实时视频的房间。





DSC08010 Great venue for our talks  演讲地点

Hong Kong University, School of Architecture


Shanghai Study Center

Information and map  详细信息及地图



First Event 首届活动

Thanks to everyone for coming and sorry for the delay in getting the event running again.


Post event survey, please fill out if you visited  活动反馈,如果您参加了本届活动,请提供您的意见给我们

Pictures & Video of Event  活动照片及视频

Introduction to the Event. The Economic Value of Ecosystems – Ben Schwegler   首届活动介绍